samedi, janvier 14, 2017

À l’école, il était incapable d’écrire une seule ligne droite !

Issu d’une culture dans laquelle on ne pouvait pas tout dire, il s’est habitué très jeune à prendre des notes illisibles, pour y cacher ses pensées…

À l’école,  il était incapable d’écrire une seule ligne droite ! Et ses profs le lui reprochaient souvent...

Quand il est arrivé en France, en 1988, il ne parlait pas encore français… Il a découvert cette langue en même temps que la possibilité de s’exprimer en toute liberté.

C’est ainsi que ses mots déformés, ses lignes indisciplinées… il les a apprivoisés pour raconter à sa manière, ce que plus jeune, il n’avait pas pu dire. Ses œuvres sont autant de « phrases-tableaux » aux significations camouflées …

vendredi, mai 18, 2007

samedi, mars 24, 2007

La thématique musicale traverse l'oeuvre d'Akchar.

Il nous propose un langage étonnant ou traits, sons, couleurs et silences se confondent.
Chef d'orchestre d'un univers singulier, dans sa main le crayon devient baguette.
La toile s'anime, vibre, chante et devient tableau sonore.
L'exposition "le geste musical" regroupe une sélection de ses dessins, choisis tout au long de son parcours

vendredi, mars 16, 2007

The wave of a hand holds movement which gathers memory and present time, culture, and question setting, in an attempt to decipher what is the common order - in difference and in agreement between the individuals.

However far his memory goes back, Samir Akchar does not cease scrawling, drawing, painting, sticking.
In the seventies the artist leaves Syria to spend time in Egypt, France, Libya, England and Senegal, to become established in France, where he resides for 19 years. His job is also reflects his experiments.

The work of Samir Akchar is surprising with the visible simplicity of traits which dance according to several rhythms on the supporting paper. By inscribing his culture of origin and the cultures of which it adopts according to its displacements, findings and meetings - Samir Akchar invents aesthetics which are clean to him by his work; in which he draws a new language.

First of all having linked classical Arabic closely to calligraphy and studied in the American University of Cairo with Ahmad Sultan, his work diverts and distances itself rapidly.
Throughout the different cycles of production, inserting colour, varying support and topics, the work of Samir Akchar always takes a reinvented course.

Freely sketched or determined and illusive & in his work, he takes independence or gets closer again to this initial calligraphic gesture - always with more freedom of adulthood.

The topics approached relate most often to humanity, love, verbal human reports, the obstacles to communication, altérité, eroticism and music …

In 2001 Samir was involved with passion in choral practice within several Parisian groups. This meeting proved to be rich in content and continuously renewed. New languages, new reports in the group, new codes. He discovered the world for him, of which he had until then misread. Western music. « I discovered voice and vocal expression », explains the artist.
Of this confrontation between oriental culture and western culture, is born an intense activity centered on reports between gesture and sound, silence and words.
Today, a selection of this vast production is offered as part of exhibition " The musical gesture ". Samir Akchar est né en 1958 à Damas, en Syrie. Il vit et travaille à Paris.